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Review/ Self Test 2

Review/ Self Test 2

A. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of verb given!

  1. Do you __________ (joke) chocolate milk?
  2. He __________ (not want) to go to the movies.
  3. He __________ (want) breakfast now.
  4. Sorry, Lisa __________ (be) not here at the moment.
  5. They __________ (be) on holiday right now.
  6. We __________ (be) Indonesian.
  7. Snakes __________ (be) reptiles.
  8. I __________ (visit) my friend in Turkey every other year.
  9. My mother __________ (wake) up very early every morning.
  10. My grandmother __________ (bake) the best cake in the world!

B. Choose the correct answer!

  1. She _____ music but she _____ like dancing.
    a) like, doesn't
    b) likes, doesn't
    c) likes, don't
  2. My father and I often _____ movies together, but we _____ listen to music.
    a) watches, doesn't
    b) watches, don't
    c) watch, don't
  3.  _____ your sister _____ home alone?
    a) Do, go
    b) Does, go
    c) Does/goes
  4. He _____ my friend because he _____ help me.
    a) isn't, doesn't
    b) doesn't, isn't
    c) does, is
  5. They _____ my parents and I _____  them.
    a) are, love
    b) is, love
    b) love, are

C. Fill in the blanks with many or much

  1. How __________ money do you want for this?
  2. There are so __________ things I want to ask you.
  3. There are too __________ paintings to see in one visit.
  4. I've got so __________ news to tell you.
  5. Do you have __________ work to do?
  6. I don't have __________ friends.
  7. Please be quick. I don't have __________ time to spare.
  8. There haven't been __________ sunny days.
  9. Did you answer __________ questions wrongly in the test?
  10. David reads a lot of books, but he doesn't read __________ newspapers.

D. Choose the most suitable word to complete the sentence!

  1. Could I have a _____ of ice cream?
    a. glass         b. scoop         c. piece
  2. Could I have a _____ of milk?
    a. block         b. jar         c. carton
  3. Could I have a _____ of chocolate?
    a. block         b. bar         c. slice 
  4. Could I have a _____ of tea?
    a. cup         b. dish         c. plate 
  5. Could I have a _____  of lemon?
    a. bunch         b. slice         c. scoop
  6. Should we buy a _____ of jam?
    a. jar         b. carton         c. bottle
  7.   Please get a _____ eggs.  
    a. bunch         b. slice         c. dozen
  8. _____ of bananas are cheap today.
    a. Bunches        b. Heads        c. Packages
  9. Don't forget to buy a _____ of onions.
    a. kilogram        b. piece        c. slice
  10. Let's buy a _____ of potato chips.
    a. bag        b. jar        c. carton

E. Put the sentences into simple past

  1. We open the door.                    ____________________
  2. You write poems.                     ____________________
  3. Richard plays in the garden.    ____________________
  4. Kerry does not speak English. ____________________
  5. Do you see the bird?                ____________________

F. Underline the correct verb!

  1. I (go/ gone/ went) to the mall after school.
  2. My brother (see/ sees/ saw) a bear an hour ago. 
  3. (Did/ Were/ Does) Mike visit his grandmother last night?
  4. Alex did not (working/ worked/ work) last weekend.  
  5. (Was/ Were/ Did) Judy and Liz at last month's meeting?
  6. We (were/ was/ did) not happy after the sad ending.
  7. (Were/ Was/ Did) you see Jody's new dog yesterday?
  8. Sorry, I (wasn't/ am not/ didn't) hear you at the door.
  9. What (were/ do/ did) you eat for lunch yesterday?
  10. Where (did/ were/ do) you spend your last holiday?

G. Put the verb in their correct form!

  1. I __________ (study) English last night.
  2. She __________ (buy) a present for her son but he __________ (not like) it.
  3. I __________ (have) long hair when I was a little child but now my hair __________ (be) very short.
  4. Janet __________ (write) a letter to George last night.
  5. Ellie __________ (brush) he teeth twice a day.
  6. Sarah __________ (visit) John every Friday.
  7. He __________ (take) too much alcohol yesterday evening, so he __________ (have) a terrible headache now. 
  8. Morgan __________ (not be) so hardworking last year.
  9. She __________ (not use) a ruler in the test yesterday.
  10. Max, Frank and Steve __________ (be) in the yard right now.

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