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Daftar isi - 3D Printer

Daftar isi - 3D Printer


Operation Instruction
A. Security Considerations
B. Product Details
2.Machine parts
3.Extruder drawing
4.Tool List
C. Cura Software
1.Installation of Cura14.07
1.1 File location in the TF card
2. Cura Setting
2.1 Clear platform
2.3 Layer height settings
D. Printing Operation
1. Introduction of Display
2. Install Filament
2.1 Set Preheat Mode
2.2 Filament Installation
2.3 Pull out filament
3. Platform Adjustment
4. Printing
E. FAQ and Solution
1. Z Axis Ajustment
2. Nozzle blocking
3. FAQ
F. Maintenance
G. Maintenance policy

Print Quality Troubleshooting Guide
1. Not Extruding at Start of Print
1.1 Filament was not loaded into extruder before printing
1.2 The distance between nozzle and bed is too close 
1.3 The filament stripped against the drive gear
1.4 The extruder is clogged
2. Print Not Sticking to the Bed
2.1 Build platform is not level
2.2 Nizzle starts too far away from the bed
2.3 First layer is printing too fast
2.4 Temperature or cooling settings
2.5 The build platform (tape, glues and materials)
2.6 When all else fails: Brims and Rafts
3. Not Extruding Enough Plastic 
3.1 Incorrect filament diameter
3.2 Increase the extrusion speed
4. Extruding Too Much Plastic
5. Holes and Gaps in the Top Layers
5.1 Not enough top solid layers
5.2 Infill percentage is too low
5.3 Under-extrusion
6. Stringing or Oozing
6.1 Retraction distance
6.2 Retraction speed
6.3 Temperature is too high
7. Overheating
7.1 Insufficient cooling
7.2 Print at too high temperature
7.3 Printing too fast
7.4 When all above fall, try to print multiple parts at once
8. Layer Shifting or Misalignment
8.1 Nozzle moves too fast
8.2 Mechanical or Electrical issues
9. Layer Separation and Splitting
9.1 Layer height is too large
9.2 Print temperature is too low
10. Grinding Filament
10.1 Increase the extruder temperature
10.2 Print too fast
10.3 Check for a nozzle clog
11. Clogged Extruder
11.1 Manually push the filament to extruder
11.2 Reload the filament
11.3 Clean out the nozzle
12. Stops Extruding in the Middle of a Print
12.1 Out of filament
12.2 The filament has stripped against the drive gear
12.3 The extruder is clogged
12.4 Overheated extruder motor driver
13. Weak Infill
13.1 Increase infill density
13.2 Lower print speed
14. Curling or Rough Corners
15. Scars on Top Surface
15.1 Extruding too much plastic
16. Holes and Gaps in Floor Corners
16.1 Not enough perimeters
16.2 Not enough top solid layers
16.3 Infill density is too low
17. Lines on the Side of Print
17.1 Inconsistent extrusion
17.2 Temperature variation
17.3 Mechanical issues
18. Vibrations and Ringing
18.1 Print too fast
18.2 Firmware acceleration 
18.3 Mechanical issues
19. Very Small Features Not Being Printed 
19.1 Redesign the parts with thicker features
19.2 Install a nozzle with a smaller tip size
19.3 Force the software to print small features
20. Inconsistent Extrusion
20.1 Filament is getting stuck or tangled
20.2 Clogged extruder 
20.3 Layer height is very low
20.4 Poor quality filament
20.5 Mechanical issues of extruder


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