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Unit 10 We Had A Great Time

Unit 10 We Had A Great Time

Grammar Points

You asked a question.
He answered the question.
The dog barked.
They called us.
Tania lived in Bandung.
She moved to Surabaya.
I was hungry.
They were very happy.
The dog ran after us.
Sofie went to school.
Helen spoke to her teacher.
My neighbors had a hamster.

Time expression
yesterday   2 minutes ago     in 1990     the other day    last Friday
                  when we were children     once upon a time


Read the fairy tale and do as instructed.


Once upon a time there was a boy called Jack. He lived with his mother. They were very poor. All they had was a cow. One morning, Jack's mother told him to take the cow to the market and sell her. On the way Jack met a man. He gave Jack some magic beans for the cow. Jack took the beans and went back home. When Jack's mother saw the beans she was very angry. She threw the beans out of the window. The next morning,  Jack looked out of the window. There was a giant beanstalk. He went outside and started to climb the beanstalk. He climbed up to the sky through the clouds. Jack saw a beautiful castle. He went inside. Jack heard a voice "Fee, fi, fo, fum!" and ran into a cupboard. An enormous giant came into the room and sat down. On the table there was a hen and a golden harp. "Lay/' said the giant. The hen laid an egg - it was made of gold. "Sing" said the giant. The harp began to sing. Soon the giant was asleep. Jack jumped out of the cupboard. He took the hen and the harp. Suddenly the harp sang "Help, master!" The giant shouted, "Fee, fi, fo, fum!". Jack ran and started to climb down the beanstalk. The giant came down after him. Jack shouted "Mother,help!". Jack's mother took an axe and chopped down the beanstalk. The giant fell and crashed to the ground. Nobody ever saw him again. With the golden eggs and the magic harp Jack and his mother lived happily ever after.

a. Based on the tale, read the sentences below and write 'frue" or 'false".
  1. Jack and his mother were very wealthy. __________
  2. He shared the house with his mother. __________
  3. Jack's mother told him to take the cow for a walk. __________
  4. Jack met a man on the way to the market and sold the cow to him. __________
  5. Jack sold the cow for a hen and a magic harp. __________
  6. When his mother saw the beans,she cooked the dinner with them. __________
  7. Jack woke up and saw a very big beanstalk in front of the window. __________
  8. He went up to the sky and saw a beautiful girl over the clouds. __________
  9. He hid under the table when he heard the voice of giant. __________
  10. The giant had a hen that laid golden eggs. __________
  11. The golden harp could sing. __________
  12. The golden harp warned Jack because the giant woke up. __________
  13. Jack took the hen and the harp with him before he climbed down the beanstalk. __________
  14. The giant didn't follow Jack.__________
  15. Jack's mother burnt down the beanstalk and killed the giant. __________

b. Answer the questions in complete sentences.
  1. What was the boy's name?
  2. Did he and his mother have a lot of money?
  3. What did Jack do with the cow?
  4. What did the man give Jack?
  5. Was his mother happy when she saw the beans?
  6. What did she do with the beans?
  7. What happened to the beans?
  8. What did Jack see when he looked out of the window?
  9. What did Jack do when he saw the giant plant?
  10. Where did he go?What did he see there?
  11. What did he do when the giant fell asleep?
  12. What did Jack do when the giant suddenly woke up?
  13. How did he get rid of the giant?

Review Exercise

a. Complete the sentences with the Simple Past of the verbs in brackets.
  1. The people (enjoy) _____________ the party last weekend. 
  2. The children (phone) _____________ their grandparents two days ago.  
  3. We (plan) _____________ a trip to England last year. 
  4. The family (stay) _____________ at home yesterday. 
  5. Mum (fry) _____________ fish and chips for our lunch on Sunday. 
  6. The teacher (arrive) _____________ an hour ago. 
  7. The student (organise) _____________ a picnic last week. 
  8. The children (close) _____________ their books after the lesson. 
  9. John (invite) _____________ his neighbours to a party.
  10. It (rain) _____________ all day yesterday. 
  11. We (shop) _____________ in the shopping centre all morning. 
  12. Walter and Catherine (visit) _____________ the circus last month.

b. Write the past forms of the following verbs.

      leave _____________                find _______________
      buy   _____________                ring ______________
      meet  _____________               fight ______________
      catch _____________                take ______________
      sell    _____________                teach _____________
      go     _____________                wear ______________ 
      heal  _____________                win _______________
      steal _____________                 write _____________
      grow _____________                ride ______________


Choose a suitable verb of the past form you wrote in the above part to fill in each blank of the following sentences.

  1. Last night John _____________ some postcards to send to his cousins for the new year.
  2. My family and I _____________ to Turkey for our summer holiday. It was really fantastic,
  3. Rachel _____________ her old car to a car dealer last month. That's why she walks to work.
  4. Thomas was in his bed when he _____________ a terrifying noise. 
  5. Mrs. Maddox _____________ work early last Monday because her son was very 
  6. His father usually _____________ his bicycle to the town centre when he was in his village.
  7. Tony _____________ Brian at school this morning because Brian treated him in a rude way.
  8. After I searched the internet for three hours I _____________ a nice picture for my Maths project.
  9. The detective _____________ the robber easily because he had videos from the security camera of the bank.
  10. I wanted to go to the fancy dress party on Saturday so I _____________ his pirate costume from the shopping center.
  11. When my uncle was 20 he lived on a farm. He _____________ vegetables and raised cattle there.
  12. The school bell _____________ while we were having a discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping. 
  13. She _____________ a nice white suit for the meeting last Tuesday. She looked so cute in it.
  14. Our school organized a trip to Ephesus last year and we _____________ lots of photographs of the historical site there. 
  15. The police are taking this man to prison because he _____________ a very valuable painting from the museum. 
  16. Their music teacher _____________ them a very nice folk song this afternoon. 
  17. While Janet was walking on Rose Street she _____________ her favourite singer. She was so shocked and excited that she could only say "Hello".
  18. Galatasaray fans were very happy yesterday evening because their football team _____________ the match against Fenerbahge.

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