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Unit 11 What Time Did You Go Shopping?

Unit 11 What Time Did You Go Shopping


a. Read the following text (including the detective's questions) and fill in the blanks with a past form of to be (was, were, wasn't or weren't).

A thief stole a computer and printer from an office on campus Saturday at 10:00. Sandy __________ in the parking lot across from the office, standing next to her car. She saw him for only a few minutes, but she __________ sure she could identify him. The police officers __________ happy to have a witness, but they __________ sure how much Sandy saw from the parking lot. Sandy __________ positive she could answer the detectives' questions.

the detective's questions:
  1.  __________ you near the ESL office at 10:00 on Saturday?
  2. Why __________ you on campus on a Saturday? 
  3.  __________ the office open when you arrived? 
  4.  __________ you able to see anyone run out of the office? 
  5. What __________ in his hands? 
  6. How tall __________ he?  
  7. What color __________ his hair? 
  8.  __________ his clothes old or new? 
  9.  __________ his clothes expensive? 
  10. How old __________ he?  
  11.  __________ he someone you knew?

b. Read the following text and fill in the blanks with the past form of the verb given.

Last week Tom and his dad __________ (go) downtown. When they __________ (come) to the market, they __________ (see) a new banana booth. Since Tom loved bananas and __________ (beg) his dad to buy some, his dad __________ (buy) one for him. Tom immediately __________ (eat) the banana and __________ (throw) the skin on the ground. Neither Tom nor his dad __________ (care) about the man who __________ (slip) on the banana skin and __________ (fall). However, when Tom's dad __________ (slip) on another skin, he __________ (hurt) himself and __________ (grow) angry. So, he __________ (realise) that Tom should not have thrown the skin on the ground. Therefore, he __________ (smack) his son's bottom.

Grammar Review

Write the following verbs verb phrases in their past forms.

study                    __________    drink            __________
cook                     __________    fight             __________
iron                      __________    go shopping __________
wash                     __________    have lunch   __________
talk                       __________    read              __________
play volleyball     __________  run                __________
shower the plants __________    sweep           __________
walk                     __________  write             __________


Work in pairs. Student A writes questions about student B's activity yesterday based on the pictures and student B answers the questions in complete sentences. Do as the examples.


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