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Unit 12 Did You Have A Nice Vacation?

Unit 12 Did You Have A Nice Vacation?

Review Exercise

a. Complete texts with don't like, doesn't like, eat, eats, get up, gets up go, goes, like or likes!!

I usually (1) __________ at seven o'clock. I (2) __________ to the gym before breakfast, For breakfast I (3) __________ eggs. I (4) __________ eggs, but I (5) __________ cheese.

Ricardo sometimes (6) __________ at six o'clock in themorning. He (7) __________ swimming before breakfast. For breakfast, Ricardo always (8) __________ eggs. He (9) __________ eggs, but he (10) __________ cheese.

b. IJnderline the correct verb form in each of these sentences.

  1. My friend Vivienne doesn't watch / didn't watch videos very often.
  2. My father and some of his friends play/ played football every Saturday.
  3. When I was doing the washing up, I break / broke a glass.
  4. Susan and Tim usually go / went to the disco at weekends.
  5. Last night the train doesn't arrive / didn't arrive on time.
  6. Do you have / Did you have a nice weekend in London?
  7. Diane visits / visited her grandmother in a rest home every Sunday.
  8. Vegetarians are people who don't eat / didn't eat any meat.
  9. Jeremy leaves / left secondary school last year.
  10. My mother buys / bought a blue coat two days ago.
  11. How often do you go / did you go out with friends?

c. Fill jn the blanks with the correct forms of verbs given.

Dear Mary
How are you? (1) __________ (receive) your letter last week. Thank you for the recipe for the cake asked for. I (2) __________ (make) it last week and it (3) __________ (be) very nice, I now (4) __________ (have) a new job in a supermarket in the city centre. I (5) __________ (go) there every day at 3 0'clock in the afternoon and (6) __________ (work) there till 10 0'clock in the evening. I (7) __________ (be) very happy because my sister (8) __________ (work) there too so we travel to and from work together. I (9) __________ (get) my first wages last week and I (10) __________ (go) shopping immediately! I (11) __________ (buy) a new stereo for my bedroom. It is gold and black and (12) __________ (look) very nice. My brother is coming to stay with me for a few days next week. He is going to arrive on Saturday so I am going to collect him from the station. After I collect him, we are going to that Mexican restaurant near the park. (13) __________ (you/want) to come with us? You can call to tell me if you want to come or not. By the way, John told me that you (14) __________ (pass) your Spanish exam last month. Congratulation* (15) (be) it difficult? You know that I (16) __________ (be) terrible at languages but you are better. Please write to me soon with all your news, Mary. 

All the best

d. Choose the correct form of "to be" in present tense or past tense,

Example: My dog _(be) is sick today. (present tense)
My dog (be) was sick last night. (past tense)

  1. The clouds moved away, and the sun shone through. The sky was full of pretty colors. It (be) __________ beautiful.
  2. Arturo and Ryo (be) __________ at the party last night.
  3. We (be) __________ at the beach now but Dad (be) __________ at home.
  4. The old house (be) __________ built in 1967.
  5. Christopher, where (be) __________ you last night? I was looking all over for you.
  6. Yesterday (be) __________ the best day of my life!
  7. (be) __________ ready. Let's go!
  8. Who (be) __________ at the pool yesterday?
  9. I (be) __________ very tired. I (be) __________ tired yesterday too. I think I (be) __________ getting sick.
  10. I was driving to the office this morning when I noticed that I was getting low on gas. So, I stopped to get more. A kind man filled the tank for me. He (be) __________ very nice.

e. Complete the following sentences with the verbs in the negative form.

  1. Adam knows my sister but he __________ my parents.
  2. We enjoyed the food at the party but we __________ the music.
  3. Susan lived in London for ten years. She __________ in New York.
  4. Michael and Simon play tennis. They __________ golf.
  5. My father works in a factory. He __________ in an office.
  6. Bill on\y cooked the fish for dinner. He __________ the potatoes.
  7. I wrote to my sister Jenny. I __________ to my brother germ
  8. The film starts at 9.00 p.m. It __________ at 9.30.


Construct sentences using the word/ phrase from each group following this pattern:
Who            What           Where           When          

Remember to use the correct verb form. Each word/ phrase can only be used once.
e.g. Liz eats an apple under a tree on Sundays.

Janet and Chris
Mary's teacher
Paul's sisters
Those men
My parents
The children

have some tea read a book
listen to the news
eat an apple
drink some milk
draw a house
make a model plane
take some photos
find a toy

in the garden
at school
in the bedroom
under a tree 
on a bridge
near the lake
on the beach
by the river
in the living room

every day
yesterday morning
on Sundays
this morning
three days ago
last night
two weeks ago
in the evening

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