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Unit 2 It's A Beautiful Day

Unit 2 It's A Beautiful Day

Grammar Points

This is a small town.
It is my homeland.

All the passengers are Russian.
They are tourists.
They bring their cameras.
The guide is talking to them.

That is Mandy.
She is my classmate.
Her teeth are pearly white.

Those boys are my classmates.
We are on holiday.
This is our camp.

Those animals are very rare Siberian tigers.
The children are afraid of them.


Read the passages and choose the correct options according to the readings.

One of my favorite vacation places is Mexico. I really like the weather there because it never gets cold. The people are very nice too. They never laugh at my bad Spanish. The food is really good. Mexico City is a very interesting place to visit. It has some great museums and lots of fascinating old buildings. The hotels are too expensive to stay but there are more affordable options. For example, you can stay at one of the beach resorts like Acapulco. If you are planning to visit Mexico, you should definitely see the Mayan temples near Merida.

A. Sam likes warm weather
B. Sam doesn't like warm weather at all.
C. Sam hates warm water.
D. Sam likes cold weather.

A. His Spanish is very good.
B. He speaks Spanish very well.
C. He is Spanish.
D. He doesn't speak Spanish very well.

A. There's a lot to see and do in Mexico.
B. There aren't a lof of beautiful places in Mexico.
C. Mexico is a dEmplace.
D. Tourists never come to Mexico.

A. Hotels are very cheap in Mexico
B. The hotels aren't comfortable there.
C. Hotels are all poor in Mexico.
D. The hotels in Mexico are pretty expensive .

    Pasage 2
    We usually spend our vacation at the beach because the weather is very hot in the mountains. People say that traveling by bus is the cheapest way, but we normally go by plane because it is faster. We want to have more time to spend at the beach. The weather is beautiful and we always have a great time.

    5. We choose to go to the beach because
    A. it is cheaper than going to the mountains
    B. people say it is the cheapest
    C. of the hot weather in the mountains
    D. we want to spend time at the beach

    6. The bus is the ... way to travel.
    A. best B. easiest C. cheapest D. slowest

    7. Traveling by plane is ... than by bus.
    A. more fun B. cheaper C. expensive D. Faster

    8. We ... our vacation.
    A. hate B. don't like C. enjoy D. regret

    9. We have very ... weather during our vacation.
    A. good B. freezing C. terrible D. cold

    Vocabulary Exercise

    It's rainy.
    It's foggy.
    It's sunny.
    It's snowy.
    It's cloudy.
    It's windy.
    It's stormy.
    It's freezing.
    It's warm.
    It's cold.
    It's hot.
    Vocabulary Exercise


    Go around the class and ask your classmates questions to complete the following grid.
    Find a classmate who: Classmate's name:
    Is married.
    Is Javanese.
    Is older than you.
    Is afraid of spiders.
    Is an only child.
    Is the first child.
    Is the youngest child.


    Fill in the gaps with suitable words.

    My name Alen. I ________ sixteen years old. I don't have a large family. I live with my parents and my brother. I also have a puppy dog. ________ name is King. My mom ________ a teacher. ________ works at a high school. ________ teaches Spanish. My dad ________ an engineer. ________ works for a big company. He can drive or ride ________ bike to work. I have a brother. ________ name is Ryan. He ________ ten years old. ________ goes to elementary school. ________ plays basketball and tennis. I love ________ family!

    Hi! I'm Joshua. I ________ 11 years old. I study at Sahakyan school. It ________ a very big school. I love ________ school and ________ teachers. They ________ very nice. I have many good friends. I like playing basketball with ________. I like all my classes, but math is ________ favorite subject this year. I sit in the front row of class. I have a sister. ________ name is Lea. She ________ only nine. She likes painting a lot. ________ wants to be an art teacher.

    Hi! My name is Luis Pierri.I ________ fourteen years old. I'm in year 8 at St.Patrick's school. I'm from Sydney, Australia. My father ________ from Spain. ________ name is Andrew Pierri and he's forty-five years old. He ________ a teacher and he teaches Math. My mother ________ from Armenia. ________ name is Katy Pierri. She ________ thirty-eight years old and she ________ a nurse. I don't have any sisters or brothers. I ________ a single child but I have many friends. I usually play computer games in ________ free time.

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