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Unit 3 Lessons Start at Eight - A

Unit 3 Lessons Start at Eight — A

Grannar Points

I go to school at 06.00.
My lessons start at eight.
We always have meals together.
Bryan and Amy wait for the buss at the bus stop.
My mother gets up before everyone else.
She prepares breakfast for all of us.
Today's English class starts at ten.
Rudy mows the lawn once in a month.

Vocabulary Exercise

1. A dentist ______ in his clinic. a. makes bread
2. A singer ______ in a concert. b. takes photographs
3. A chef ______ in a restaurant. c. grows vegetables
4. A baker ______ in his shop. d. paints house
5. An actor ______ and TV series. e. pulls out teeth
6. A tailor ______ or sews clothes. f. acts in films
7. A teacher ______ at school. g. teaches students
8. A magician ______ at a circus. h. does tricks
9. An artist ______ with his brush. i. paints pictures
10. A hairdresser ______ in her salon. j. cooks delicious dishes
11. A photographer ______ in his studio. k. helps doctors
12. A nurse ______ in a hospital or clinic. l. catches thieves
13. A painter ______ and buildings. m. makes clothes
14. A farmer ______ and fruit on his farm. n. examines patients
15. A florist ______ in her shop. o. does your hair
16. A carpenter ______ or repairs them. p. sings songs
17. A doctor ______ in a hospital. q. makes wooden objects
18. A policeman ______ and robbers. r. sells flowers

Reading & Writing

Read the following passage and fill in the gaps with the correctforms of verbs given!

Hello everybody! My name __________(be) Stewie and this __________(be) my family. My mother's name __________(be) Louis. She __________(be) a house wife and she __________(be) 35 years old.She __________(get up) at 70'clock every morning and __________(prepare) breakfast. She __________(clean) our house and __________(cook) well. She __________(listen) to the radio __________ and __________(watch) soap operas on TV. She usually __________(meet) her friends at home and she __________(make) delicious cakes. She __________(be) the best mom and I __________(love) her very much.

My father's name __________(be) Peter. He __________(be) 35 years old and he __________(be) fat. He __________(work) at a factory. The factory __________(make) cars. My father __________(Iwatch) football matches on TV but he can't play football. He always __________(take) a shower at 7:30 and __________(leave) home at 8:30. He __________(get on) the bus and __________(arrive) at the factory at 9 0'clock. He really __________(like) his job although he doesn't earn much. He __________(come back) home at 7 0'clock in the evening and __________(play) with me. I love him as well.

(to be continued)


Write ten sentences about your parents. Use the sentences in part C as your reference.

  1. ____________________________________________
  2. ____________________________________________
  3. ____________________________________________
  4. ____________________________________________
  5. ____________________________________________
  6. ____________________________________________
  7. ____________________________________________
  8. ____________________________________________
  9. ____________________________________________
  10. ____________________________________________

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