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Unit 4 Lessons Start at Eight - B

Unit 4 Lessons Start at Eight — B

Reading & Writing

Read the following passage and fill in the gaps with the correct forms of verbs given! (Continuation)

I have got a brother and a sister. Their names ___________(be) Meg and Chris. Meg ___________(be) 13 years old and she ___________(be) a college student. She   (be) very intelligent. She ___________(study) 5 hours a day. She can speak three languages: English,Russian and Spanish. Chris ___________(be) 15 years old and he ___________(be) a high school student.He ___________(not be) very intelligent. He ___________(fail) all his Maths exams. He always ___________(meet) his friends and ___________(ride) his bicycle. He never ___________(do) his homework. He ___________(eat) fast food but he doesn't like vegetables.

Our dog's name ___________(be) Brian. It can speak well and walk on two legs. It ___________(get up) late. It ___________(watch) television and (eat) meatballs but it ___________(hate) bathing. It never (catch) cats because It ___________(be) afraid of them.

Every morning I ___________(get up) at 7 0'clock. I ___________(wash) my face and ___________(brush) my teeth. Then, I ___________(get dressed) and ___________(have) my breakfast. I usually ___________(drink) milk or fruit juice but I never ___________(drink) tea. After breakfast I ___________(check) my schoolbag and ___________(say) "Good Day" to my parents. I ___________(leave) home at 8 0'clock and ___________(wait for) the school bus for 10 minutes. I ___________(get on) the school bus at 8:10. I ___________(listen) to music with my friends in the bus. I ___________(arrive) at school at 8:30. School ___________(start) at 8:40. I ___________(listen) to my teachers carefully and ___________(study) alot. I ___________(have) lunch at 12:10 in the cafeteria. After school I ___________(go back) home by bus and I ___________(get off) the bus at 4 0'clock. I ___________(change) my clothes and ___________(go out) at 4:30.I ___________(go) to the playground and ___________(play) football with my friends. We ___________(have) dinner at 8 0'clock. After dinner I ___________(do) my homework and ___________(watch) cartoons. I usually ___________(read) a book between 9:30 and 10 0'clock. I rarely ___________(write) a letter to my aunt in Manchester. I ___________(draw) pictures and (paint) them. I always ___________(go) to bed at 10:30. I love my family.

Vocabulary Exercise

Match the verbs with the correct pictures
A. get up have
B. have lunch
C. wash
D. have lessons
E. shower
F. play baseball
G. go to the cinema
H. listen to music
l. walk to school
J. take a shower
K. get shaved
L. feed the dog
M. go shopping
N. cook the dinner
O. ride a bicycle
P. brush teeth
Q. play basketball
R. get dressed
S. fight
T. do the laundry
U. do housework   
Vocabulary Exercise

Gap Fill Exercise

Fill in the blanks with a suitable phrase. Don't forget to use the correct verb form!
  1. Mr. and Mrs Maddox usually ___________ at the weekend. They buy everything they need.
  2. Sheena ___________ the plants every morning.
  3. Jack ___________ for the school before breakfast. wears trousers and a jumper.
  4. Jane and Marilyn ___________ every Sunday. Jane usually sweeps the floor and dusts the furniture.
  5. Joseph ___________ in the school canteen every day He usually eats a hamburger.
  6. Thomas ___________ for 30 minutes in his hathroom every afternoon.
  7. Greg loves cycling. He ___________ every morning between 8:00 and 9:00.
  8. Mark and Edward sometimes ___________ each other at school and their teacher gets angry with them.
  9. Mr. Potter ___________ before he goes to work every morning. He likes his pet very much.
  10. I always ___________ early in the morning because I sleep early.
  11. Adam ___________ every day because he doesn't have a bike.
  12. Mrs.Hardy ___________ at home everyday. She doesn't use laundry service.
  13. Henry ___________ on weekdays. He is in his classroom from 9:00 in the morning to 15:00 in the afternoon.
  14. Mr.Turner ___________ three times a day. He has pearly white teeth.
  15. Harry ___________ carefully because he doesn't want to cut his face.
  16. Brian and Fanny ___________ together after they come home from work in the evening. They don't like having meals out.
  17. Claire ___________ her face with white soap.
  18. On Saturdays Tina and Clark ___________ and watch a film together.
  19. Larry and Angela ___________ and dance in their free time.
  20. Michaei ___________ in the school team. He has a nice blue cap.
a. get up
b. have lunch
c. wash
d. have lessons
e. shower
f. play baseball
g. go to the cinema
h. ride a bicycle
i. brush teeth
j. get dressed
k. listen to music
l. walk to school
m. take a shower
n. get shaved
o. feed the dog
p. go shopping
q. cook the dinner
r. fight
s. do the laundry
t. do housework


Write sentences telling what each member of your family does on Sundays!

  1. ____________________________________________
  2. ____________________________________________
  3. ____________________________________________
  4. ____________________________________________
  5. ____________________________________________
  6. ____________________________________________
  7. ____________________________________________
  8. ____________________________________________
  9. ____________________________________________
  10. ____________________________________________

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