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Unit 6 She Doesn't Study Physics

Unit 6 She Doesn't Study Physics

Grammar Points

I don't like ice cream.
You don't want t go to school.
We don't go to church.
They don't need more pencils.
Amira and Deviona don't play the violin.
He doesn't drive a car.
She doesn't study physics.
It doesn't need more food.
Laksita doesn't speak English.
Myfather doesn't drink coffee.


Write don't or doesn't to complete each sentence below.

  1. Tom likes curry, but his brother __________.
  2. My sister works in a bank, but I __________.
  3. John and Mary went to the movies last night, but I __________.
  4. Mr. Jones eats meat, but his wife __________.
  5. He wants to, but they __________.
  6. I want to go to Paris for my honeymoon, but she __________.
  7. My wife needs glasses now, but her mother still __________.
  8. My mother __________ want to go shopping today.
  9. Tom and Mike __________ have to go to school today.
  10. Mary __________ feel good today, so she __________ have to go to school.
  11. My pet dog __________ live in our house.
  12. Dogs and cats __________ get along well.
  13. If he __________ have a map, he won't know where to go.
  14. That __________ mountain have any snow.
  15. We __________ need to clean our room today.
  16. Lori __________ go to school on Sundays.
  17. I __________ want to go out in the rain.
  18. George __________ play tennis very often.
  19. Judyta __________ come from Canada.
  20. Alena __________ eat meat.


1 Disa doesn't like eggs. She likes veqetables. 
2 We don't study chemistry. We study  Architecture.
3 Those boys don't play basketball.
4 Ronny and his brother don't drink milk in the afternoon
5 Shifa doesn't have dinner out.
6 Those men don't read comics
7 Mother doesn't go shopping on Mondays.
8 Mandy doesn't teach French.
9 The kids don't play on the street.
10 My English teacher doesn't give tests in first meetings.


Discuss with a partner about things that yourfamily do/ does/ don't do/ doesn't do!
Then report it to the class.


Write sentences telling what each of your family member doesn't do on Sundays.

  1. ____________________________________________
  2. ____________________________________________
  3. ____________________________________________
  4. ____________________________________________
  5. ____________________________________________

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