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Unit 7 Do you like pizza?

Unit 7 Do you like pizza?

Grammar Points

Do you like pizza?
Do they sell ice cream?
What do they bake?
What does your father eat?
Where does she have lunch?
Is it a hot dog?
Are those candies sour?
What is that fruit?
What are those oranges for?
Why are these apples rotten ?


Fill in the blanks with Do Does Is or Are!

  1. __________ you drink mineral water?
  2. __________ Sarah and Linda feed their pets?
  3. __________ Jane and Alice sisters?
  4. __________ your teacher check your homework?
  5. __________ this car yours?
  6. __________ Maria John's sister?
  7. __________ they live in the old house?
  8. __________ the cat sit on the wall in the mornings?
  9. __________ Julie at home?
  10. __________ Nina play computer games?
  11. __________ your parents watch TV in the afternoon?
  12. __________ my dog in your way?
  13. __________ Dicky a dentist?
  14. __________ your grandmother answer the phone?
  15. __________ Andy do the shopping?
  16. __________ she on the bus?
  17. __________ Garry and Ken have a cup of tea in the afternoon?
  18. __________ you twenty-five years old?
  19. __________ John in the garden?
  20. __________ we in the right place?


Answer the questions and write down your answer in the column marked 'you'.

Find a friend and ask the same questions. Write his/ her answers in the third column. If your friend gives the same answer as you do, you score 1 point. Write the total point at the bottom. Then, go to anotherfriend and do the same.



Write sentences according to the picture. Do as the examples!

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