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Unit 9 I Have A Pitcher of Orange Juice

Unit 9 I Have A Pitcher of Orange Juice

Grammar Review

1. We have __________ oranges.
2. We don't have __________ bananas, and we don't have __________ fruit juice, either.
3. How __________ is this? It's ten dollars.
4. How __________ do you want? Six, please.
5. He's very busy; he has __________ work to do.
6. David has __________ rice, but Tyler doesn't have much.
7. London __________ has beautiful buildings.
8. They eat __________ apples.
9. I wrote __________ poems.
10. I haven't got  __________ money.
11.Were there __________ guests in the wedding?
12.Nancy does not have __________ friends.
13.She hasn't got __________ patience.
14.How __________ classes do you have this week?
15.How __________ students are there on your course?

Vocabulary Exercise

a bar of a head of a box of a bottle of a slice of
a roll of a spoon of a loaf of a bucket of a jug of
a bowl of a carton of a can of a piece of a bunch of
a tube of a cup of a glass of --- ---
Vocabulary Exercise


Work in pairs. Student A asks the first three questions (complete the questions with much or many) and student B answer them based on the picture. Then go the other way around and do it until you both finish all the questions.

Student A: How many flowers do you have?
Student B: I have a bunch o flowers. (picture C)

  1. How __________ ointment do you have? 
  2. How __________ apples do you have?
  3. How __________ jam do you have? 
  4. How __________ corn do you have? 
  5. How __________ mineral water do you drink after meal?
  6. How __________ loaf do you have?
  7. How __________ orange juice do you have?
  8. How __________ soda do you have?
  9. How __________ fruit do you have? 
  10. How __________ porridge do you have?
  11. How __________ boiled water do you have?
  12. How __________ food do you have for lunch?
  13. How __________ roses do you pick everyday?
  14. How __________ sugar does your mother need?
  15. How __________ eggs does your mother cook on weekends? 
  16. How __________ crayons do you have?
  17. How __________ birds are there on the tree?


You are going shopping again. Now look at your shopping list and write sentences telling how much you will buy each thing in the shopping list.

Homework Shopping list

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