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Latihan Soal MOS Pilihan Ganda dan Jawaban - APTI 2

Latihan Soal MOS Pilihan Ganda dan Jawaban - APTI 2


Dalam ujian sertifikasi MOS, peserta dihadapkan pada suatu kasus yang harus diselesaikan dengan menggunakan Word. Semua instruksi/kasus yang diberikan dituliskan dengan Bahasa Ingrris. Untuk membiasakan peserta dengan istilah-istilah yang sering digunakan dalam Word dan meningkatkan pemahaman peserta terkait instruksi-instruksi dalam Word dalam bab ini disediakan soal-soal latihan dalam Bahasa Ingris. Soal-soal dalam buku ini bersumber dari Imagine Academy Microsoft.

Soal-soal Pilihan Ganda

  1. In order to save time searching for common commands, you can add tools to which toolbar located above the Ribbon ?
    a. Menu Toolbar
    b. Word Toolbar
    c. Shortcut Toolbar
    d. Quick Access Toolbar
  2. Which dialog box open when you click the Save button on the Quick Access Toolbar with a new document displayed ?
    a. Save As
    b. Save
    c. New
    d. Convert
  3. Which button on the Quick Access Toolbar can you use to cancel your last command or action ?
    a. Redo
    b. Undo
    c. Delete
    d. Cancel
  4. Which keyboard shortcut replaces the need for the Undo command on the Quick Access Toolbar ?
    a. Ctrl + A
    b. Ctrl + U
    c. Ctrl + W
    d. Ctrl + Z
  5. Which tab displays Backstage view ?
    a. Home
    b. File 
    c. View
    d. Page Layout
  6. Which of the following options are available in the Info Group on Backstage ?
    a. Mark document as final
    b. Print document
    c. Password protect document
    d. Check compatibility
    e. Share document
  7. Which of the following options are available in the Print group on Backstage ?
    a. Choose number of copies
    b. Choose default printer
    c. Set printer properties
    d. Preview document
    e. Save as PDF
  8. Where is the Word 2013 Help button located ?
    a. in the upper-left corner of the screen
    b. in the upper-right corner of the screen
    c. On the Ribbon
    d. in the lower-right corner of the screen
  9. What function key brings up the Help dialog box ?
    a. F1
    b. F2
    c. F3
    d. F4
  10. Which symbol displays on the Show/Hide button ?
    a. ~
    b. §
    c. ¤
    d. ¶
  11. What Word feature reduces the amount of time spent typing common content or phrases in a document ?
    a. AutoComplete
    b. AutoInsert
    c. Insert
    d. AutoFill
  12. Which keyboard shortcut is used to start a new document ?
    a. Ctrl + O
    b. Ctrl + N
    c. Ctrl + S
    d. Ctrl + W
  13. What must you specify the first time you save a new document ?
    a. file name
    b. file type
    c. word count
    d. file location
    e. print properties
  14. AutoRecover automatically saves your data at scheduled intervals. What is the default interval ?
    a. 2 minutes
    b. 5 minutes
    c. 10 minutes
    d. 20 minutes
  15. Which of the following Word options are available when saving the document as a different file type?
    a. Word template
    b. web page
    c. Rich Text Format
    d. PDF
    e. XLS
  16. Which of the following extensions applies to a Word 2013 document ?
    a. *.docx
    b. *.doc
    c. *.dotx
    d. *.dot
  17. In order to save your Word document as a PDF file, which command in Backstage do you use ?
    a. Info
    b. Convert
    c. Close
    d. Export
  18. On which tab will you find the Print options ?
    a. Home
    b. File
    c. Review
    d. Insert
  19. You are looking for a document you created earlier in the week and cannot remember the name. Recent documents displays how many of the last documents you viewed ?
    a. 5
    b. 10
    c. 15
    d. 25

  20. You are in the middle of editing a large document and only wish to edit text Which view hides charts, graphics, pictures, and other objects so you can focus on the text ?
    a. Print Layout
    b. Draft
    c. Read Mode
    d. Web Layout
  21. What is the default view in Word ?
    a. Print Layout
    b. Draft
    c. Read Mode
    d. Web Layout
  22. In order to view two documents next to each other using synchronistic scrolling to compare documents, which option in the Window command group would you use ?
    a. Arrange All
    b. Split
    c. Reset Window Position
    d. View Side by Side
  23. You have accidentally activated the Caps Lock key and typed three paragraphs in uppercase. Which option in the Change Case menu will convert the text back to normal paragraph formal ?
    a. Sentence case
    b. lowercase
    c. Uppercase
    d. Capitalize Each Word
  24. In order to use the Format Painter to apply the same format over and over, you must double-click the Format Painter button. Which key on the keyboard can you use to clear the Format Painter ?
    a. Space
    b. Esc
    c. Alt
    d. Ctrl
  25. Which file types can be opened, edited, and saved in Word ?
    a. PDF
    b. PPT
    c. RTF
    d. TXT
    e. XLS
  26. Use this type of indent in legal documents and in bibliography pages to start the first full line of text at the left margin; all remaining lines are indented from the left margin.
    a. Negative indent
    b. First hyphen line indent
    c. Hanging indent
    d. Positive indent
  27. The Paragraph command group can be found on which of the following tabs ?
    a. Home
    b. Insert
    c. Review
    d. Page Layout
    e. Design
  28. Which of the following are valid alignment options ?
    a. Justify
    b. Align left
    c. Align right
    d. Center
    e. Align top
  29. Use this alignment option to balance a title in the middle of a title page
    a. Top
    b. Justified
    c. Centered
    d. Bottom
  30. Use this spacing option to set the minimum amount of space needed to fit the largest font on the line.
    a. Single
    b. Double
    c. At least
    d. Multiple
  31. Use this key to create blank lines between paragraphs
    a. Enter
    b. Tab
    c. Backspace
    d. Spacebar
  32. Which of the following locations can be accessed to create and insert a custom picture bullet ?
    a. Local Drive
    b. Bing
    d. SkyDrive
    e. All of the Above
  33. Which type of bullet would you use to display a company logo ?
    a. Symbol
    b. Graphic
    c. Picture
    d. Numbered
  34. Which key on the keyboard is used to automatically number the next line sequentially in a list ?
    a. Enter
    b. Tab
    c. Backspace
    d. Alt
  35. Which type of tab is used to align a list of currency values ?
    a. Right
    b. Decimal
    c. Left
    d. Center
  36. Another way to access the Page Setup dialog box is through which Backstage option ?
    a. Info
    b. Open
    c. Print
    d. Export
  37. On which tab will you find options to change the paper size in a document ?
    a. Home
    b. Design
    c. Page Layout
    d. Review
  38. Which of the following types of page breaks are available on the Breaks menu ?
    a. Paragraph
    b. Page
    c. Text Wrapping
    d. Row
    e. Column
  39. Which type of break is commonly used in a newspaper layout document ?
    a. Paragraph
    b. Page
    c. Text Wrapping
    d. Column

  40. You wish to leave half of the page blank and continue the text on the next page. What keyboard shortcut forces a page break at the insertion point ?
    a. Alt + Enter
    b. Ctrl + Enter
    c. Enter
    d. Ctrl + Tab
  41. In order to change from portrait on one page to landscape on the next, which section break would you use ?
    a. Next Page
    b. Continuous
    c. Even Page
    d. Odd Page
  42. You are working on page four and insert an Even Page section break. On what page will that section break become active ?
    a. 5
    b. 6
    c. 7
    d. 8
  43. You have two paragraphs you do not want to split across multiple pages. In order to accomplish this, which option on the lines and Page Break tab would you choose ?
    a. Widow/Orphan control
    b. Keep With Next
    c. Keep Lines Together
    d. Page Break Before
  44. You have a paragraph that has to always print at the top of the page. Which option on the Line and Page Breaks tab would you use to accomplish this ?
    a. Widow/Orphan control
    b. Keep with next
    c. Keep lines together
    d. Page break before
  45. Which of the following are valid Columns options on the Page Layout tab ?
    a. One
    b. Two
    c. Three
    d. Top
    e. Left
  46. Word defaults to how many columns in a new document ?
    a. 1
    b. 2
    c. 3
    d. 4
  47. Which of the following option does Word provide for creating a table ?
    a. table Drawing tools
    b. dragging method
    c. table text box
    d. Insert Table dialog box
    e. SmartArt
    f. Quick Table method
  48. Under which Word Menu Tab can you locate the Create Table option ?
    a. Home
    b. Insert
    c. Design
    d. Page Layout
    e. View
  49. In order to define the table's dimensions when adding a table from the Insert Table menu, you can use which of the following ?
    a. graphic
    b. margins
    c. grid
    d. shape
  50. Where can you change the look of a table once it is inserted into a document ?
    a. Word Menu, Design tab
    b. Word Menu, Page Layout tab
    c. Table Tools Menu, Design tab
    d. Table Tools Menu, Layout tab
  51. Which Layout tab command will allow all columns to be the same width ?
    a. AutoFit Contents
    b. AutoFit Window
    c. Fixed Column Width
    d. Cell Margins
  52. Where can you find the View Gridlines command on the Table Tools Ribbon ?
    a. Design tab, Table Styles
    b. Design tab, Borders
    c. Layout tab, Rows 7 Columns
    d. Layout tab, Table
  53. Where can you locate the Cell Margin command ?
    a. Word Menu, Design tab, Document Formatting
    b. Table Tools, Design tab, Borders
    c. Table Tools, Layout tab, Alignment
    d. Table Tools, Layout tab, Cell Size
  54. What command changes paragraphs of text into a table ?
    a. Convert Table to Text
    b. Merge Table
    c. Create Table
    d. Convert Text to Table
  55. What command changes a table into paragraphs ?
    a. Split Table
    b. Delete Table
    c. Convert Table to Text
    d. Convert Text to Table
  56. When converting text into a table, at which characters can Word separate the selected text ?
    a. spaces
    b. commas
    c. paragraph marks
    d. plus
    e. tabs
    f. other
  57. Word provides the option to use formulas for which of the following ?
    a. match value
    b. lookup value
    c. calculate a total
    d. calculate average
    e. logical statements
    f. count values
  58. Different approaches can be used to add values in a table. Which of the following formulas could provide the same result ?
    a. =B1+B2+B3
    b. =B1+C1+D1
    c. =SUM(ABOVE)
    d. =COUNT(LEFT)
  59. From what tab can you add graphics to your Word document ?
    a. Home
    b. Insert
    c. Design
    d. Reference

  60. How do you remove unwanted areas on the horizontal and/or vertical edges of a picture ?
    a. resize
    b. scale
    c. crop
    d. rotate
  61. What options are available under Picture Tools ?
    a. Crop
    b. Corrections
    c. Remove Background
    d. Add Styles
    e. Take Photo
  62. How do you select multiple layers in an object ?
    a. Ctrl + A for Select All
    b. highlight all layers
    c. hold Ctrl key and select layers
    d. Click each layer in succession
  63. What tabs are available once an object is inserted into a document ?
    a. Design
    b. Layout
    c. Format
    d. View
    e. Tools
  64. From what tab can you add a SmartArt Object ?
    a. Home
    b. Insert
    c. Design
    d. Add-Ins
  65. From where can you apply Crisscross Etching, Marker, or Blur to an image ?
    a. Artistic Effects
    b. Color
    c. Picture Style
    d. Change Picture
  66. What is the object type of a picture in a precise location with text wrapped around the object ?
    a. inline
    b. offline
    c. floating
    d. stationary
  67. When an object remains in place when text is added, what option is selected ?
    a. Inline with text
    b. Move with text
    c. Fix position on page
    d. Text wrapping
  68. What feature provides lines, rectangles, arrows, banners, and other objects to be added to a document ?
    a. SmartArt
    b. Shapes
    c. Online Pictures
    d. Screenshot
  69. What feature provides graphical illustrations and diagram that you can add to a document ?
    a. SmartArt
    b. Shape
    c. Online Picture
    d. Screenshot
  70. What tab becomes available once WordArt is added to a document ?
    a. Drawing Tools/Design
    b. SmartArt/Format
    c. Drawing Tools/Format
    d. SmartArt/Design
  71. What collection of media files are available at ?
    a. SmartArt
    b. Clip Art
    c. Shapes
    d. Themes
  72. On what tab is the Online Picture option located ?
    a. File
    b. Home
    c. Design
    d. Insert
  73. In order to modify the color of a clip art image, what group do you use ?
    a. WordArt Styles
    b. Shape Styles
    c. Document Formatting
    d. Styles
  74. When you are going to share a document by email, doing which of the following to the images will reduce the resolution and file size ?
    a. resetting
    b. resizing
    c. compressing
    d. formatting
  75. What options are available in the Compress Picture dialog box ?
    a. Resize all pictures
    b. Apply only to this picture
    c. Delete cropped area of pictures
    d. Target output E-mail
    e. Target output PDF
  76. The MLA style, adopted as a style of choice by many colleges and universities, shows how to do which of the following to a research paper ?
    a. save
    b. format
    c. print
    d. write
  77. In order to avoid plagiarism, you must create a_____ to give credit to an original source.
    a. bookmark
    b. table of contents
    c. citations
    d. reference
  78. Sources are compiled and listed in which section of a document ?
    a. table of contents
    b. bibliography
    c. title page
    d. acknowledgement page
  79. The insert Citation command is located on which tab on the Ribbon ?
    a. Review
    b. References
    c. Insert
    d. Page Layout
  80. Which of the following functions can be performed within the Source Manager ?
    a. Printing
    b. Sorting
    c. Moving
    d. Copying
    e. Deleting
    f. Creating
  81. Captions can be applied to which of the following ?
    a. tables
    b. figures
    c. paragraph
    d. equations
    e. pictures
  82. In order to apply a caption to a table, select the table and click the insert Caption button on which tab ?
    a. Insert
    b. Design
    c. Page Layout
    d. References
  83. You use the New Label button in the Caption dialog box in order to create content-specific____.
    a. locations
    b. footnotes
    c. caption labels
    d. bookmarks
  84. In order to hide default caption labels (Equation, Figure, and Table), which of the following options do you select from the Caption dialog box ?
    a. New label
    b. Numbering
    c. AutoCaption
    d. Exclude label from caption
  85. In order to set your captions format to include chapters and styles, which button would you select within the Caption dialog box ?
    a. Numbering
    b. AutoCaption
    c. New Label
    d. OK

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